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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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Environmental awareness

Through an extensive environmental awareness programme, ESA  seeks to create widespread consciousness of environmental matters of concern to all people. Through this programme, it is expected that individuals, communities and organizations would adopt an overall perspective which acknowledges the interdependence of the natural and human made environment. A variety of approaches will be used to ensure that all stakeholders are ultimately responsive to the call to preserve, protect and rehabilitate the natural environment through deliberate well informed efforts.

Some of the approaches include:

  • Development of educational tools for the formal and informal educational system
  •  Engagement and encouragement of all organizations and media to promote awareness at all levels comprare cialis
  • Advocacy for government environment and educational departments to adequately cover environmental issues programmes and curricula
  • Multi-media campaign for communities e.g. plays, discussion forums, training campaigns, exhibitions, Information Education Communication (IEC) material dissemination etc.

ESA’s programme is interdisciplinary, involving all major environmental issues at all levels of society. It is a lifelong programme which seeks to teach about and learn from the environment through practical and day to day activities. It aims to capture the breadth of society from local primary schools to regional policy making bodies and from households to large international companies.