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Saturday, 23 February 2019
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1. How much impact is ESA's reforestation project making in the community?

ESA's tree planting pilot project was met with massive community interest in Guruve District. The Council itself has singled out deforestation as its leading challenge therefore they are very keen to assist in everyway they can to make the programme a success. The traditional leaders and the villagers were very receptive of the project, acting quickly to do all that was needed to prepare for the project including land preparation for tree planting (see photo gallery). The amount of interest generated has kept our executives and field personel very busy. During the process of seedling distribution, the officers were followed around by villagers who wanted to make sure that their communities got seedlings. The current demand is almost overwhelming. ESA has therefore resorted to creating as many patnerships as may be necessary so as to avoid being overwhelmed by demand during the expansion of the project to the entire country.


2. What makes ESA different from other Environmental Non-profit organisations?

ESA seeks not only to protect and preserve the environment but to also ensure that the livelihoods aspect of community development is catered for view website. ESA seeks to strike the balance between community use of natural resources for income generation and environmental sustainability. This is a difficult balance to mantain but ESA has a young and innovative team which is committed to coming up with solutions to this challenge. Our team therefore intends to ensure the improvement of community livelihoods, incomes and standards of living while also preserving the environment.

3 pharmaciemg.fr. Are there any opportunities for volunteer work?

YES! ESA encourages all young people who have an interest in the environment, community development and the health of the planet to join our team. we cherish the involvement of community members and are happy to engage anyone who can add value to our operations. See contacts and get in touch!


4. Does ESA work with community based organisations in its projects?

ESA values community involvement in all its programmes. We believe community involvement is vital for sustainabiliity of all projects. See photo gallery for pictures showing ESA executitves engaging CBOs and community leaders.

5. What kind of partnerships does ESA promote during its programmes?

ESA wisshes to engage all those who are interested in preserving natural resources, community livelihoods and environmental sustainability. We engange individuals, communities, NGOs, schools, churhces, companies and all who may be interested. We strongly believe that the task of protecting the environemntal and ensuring that our planet is able to continue to sustain life is not for one or a few but all. The more the merrier! We therefore incourage individuals to volunteer, communities , schools and churches to participate as well as companies to engage us in sponsoring some of the project we are embarking on. Partnerships are what make our goals achieveable.