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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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1 MILLION TREES PER DISTRICT IN ZIMBABWE: Planting trees for livelihoods and environmental sustainability


The need to invest in forest and ecosystem conservation in Africa and developing countries and to minimize environmental destruction is indisputable. Diverse ecosystems provide abundant food and water sources. Furthermore, the links among ecosystems sustain life: Forests protect soils, soils are the basis for food production in resource poor communities. On the other hand, trees are the main source of energy in poor communities. Women and children travel long distances to find firewood for cooking.

ESA is carrying out a reforestation programme which aims to plant a million trees in each district in Zimbabwe. Some of the trees will be planted to replace the local biodiversity while some will be planted in village woodlots and households for energy, fencing,  roofing and selling by villagers. Through partnerships with related organizations, ESA has managed to limit the cost of developing seedlings (seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, training, etc), planting (transport, fencing, labour etc) and growing a tree to maturity  in any location in Zimbabwe to  just $ 0.40.

By donating $ 0.40, u contribute towards the planting of a tree in a village woodlot or household compound  in Zimbabwe, thereby ensuring that a mother has the resources she needs to feed her children, put a roof over their heads and secure money for their clothes and education.


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Commerz Bank

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NMB Bank Zimbabwe

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4th floor, Unity Court

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Environmental Solutions Africa Trust

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IBAN: DE07500400000881821300


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