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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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Home Projects Planting One million trees in Each District in Zimbabwe
Planting One million trees in Each District in Zimbabwe
This project seeks to address multiple issues such as deforestation, climate change, land degradation, erosion, desertification, biodiversity loss, and drought, through various tree planting initiatives. The main aim of the project is to plant 1 million trees in each District in Zimbabwe viagra reviews. This is to be done through a number of different initiatives and collaborations. The theme of the project is TREES: Today's Reforestation Ensures Environmental Sustainability.

During the implementation of interventions, Environmental Solutions Africa (ESA) and its implementing agencies will aim to plant the trees with the active involvement of the local community.  Community participation will be sought at all levels from decision making to implementation. The local community would be the beneficiary of this project, thereby reaping the benefits of the planted trees.

While the project seeks to develop a culture of tree planting for environmental conservation, ESA and its partners will target vulnerable groups in the community as beneficiaries. Widows, orphaned children and unemployed youths will be at the forefront of implementing this program. The stakeholders, beneficiary communities and individuals will be involved in planning, timing, designing and other processes related to the implementation of the interventions in order to foster ownership. The pioneer project will be carried out in Guruve District of Mashonaland central in Zimbabwe. 1 Million trees will be grown within one season i.e. October – April (2011/2012).

Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Villages and schools will be capacited to propagate,  nurse and plant seedlings in the districts.

Current positon

The pilot project implemented by ESA in Guruve during the 2010/2011 rainy season will be the blue-print towards the implementation of the project. The pilot was done in Mudhindo-ward 12 under Councillor Sekai Matambudziko. Villages prepared land and planted 1400 trees per 1 ha woodlot. The wood lot was prepared, managed and protected by the villagers. 35 000 seedlings were planted in the ward using the village woodlots system. 15 000 seedlings were distributed to individual households and schools. A total of 50 000 seedlings were planted in the ward. 1 Million trees will be planted in Guruve District for 2011/2012 season using the 2010/2011 blue-print and expanded to other Districts in Zimbabwe: